Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mystery In Old Town Mombasa: A Scary Poem and Mystery Art by Injete Chesoni

Mystery Behind the Blue Veil: Abstract Metal Art Work
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Mystery in Old Town Mombasa
(Scary Poems by Injete Chesoni)
She had an air of mystery about her
as she sat in the window and stared
I was walking in Old Town Mombasa
and I remembered what they said
That ghosts haunt this town
and things are not always what they seem
There are genies dressed up as cats
and men in women’s bui-buis
So I stared in her eyes and scurried
Even as my mind paused to think
Was she really a woman in clothing
Or a supernatural being
~ Scary Poems, Halloween Poems, Ghost Poems and Poetry Art By Injete Chesoni (06/23/09) ~

Mystery in Old Town Mombasa and this blog are featured in the article, "Africa: Predators of Art, Entrepreneurship and Poet Ramblings by Njeri Wangari," on Global Voices Online.

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