Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mothers Day Poems: Flowers for Mother

This is a collection of poems for mothers which are appropriate for any occasion including Mothers Day and Thanksgiving. My favorite is "Flowers for Mother: A Daughter's Wishes." Mothers give so much to their children and when we become adults we try our best to give back at least some of what they gave to us. I think the best gift a mother gives her child is unconditional love and support. My mother has loved and supported me throughout my life and the least I can do is give her the same, hence the words of the poem, "Flowers for Mother: A Daughter's Wishes." This poem is dedicated to my dear mother Mary Aherwa Chesoni. 

Flowers for Mother: A Daughter's Wishes

I wish you sunshine on your cloudy days
A burst of yellow to pierce the gray
I wish you spring’s flowers on winter days
A burst of color in the midst of pale
I wish you rain when your fields are dry
A blossoming of life where flowers die
I wish you joy every single day
And smiles to wash your pain away
I wish you wings so that you can fly
With the angels in heaven’s skies
I wish you the fulfillment
of dreams unfulfilled
And the contentment
that fulfillment brings
My dearest mother you see
I wish you all
that you have wished for me
On this and every single day
I wish you flowers
to brighten up your days.

Mothers, God's Flowers
A Short Mothers Poem by Injete Chesoni
A mother is a flower
Plucked from heaven above
A gift God gives to children
To brighten their lives with love.

My Mother, My Angel
Mother Poetry by Injete Chesoni
When my mother wraps her arms around me
I feel encircled by the love of God
And when she speaks words of wisdom to me
I hear the whisper of the Lord
When she wipes away my tears
I feel touched by the hand of God
I believe that she is an angel sent to me
From the land of the Lord. 

Love the Greatest Gift of All
Mother Poetry by Injete Chesoni
How do you say thank-you
To the one who bore you
And gave you the gift of life
How do you say thank-you
To the angel who has constantly
Guided you through life
How do you say thank-you
To the one who has helped you
In all your moments of strife
How do you say thank-you to the one who
has loved you throughout your life
You can say thank-you with flowers
or gifts from expensive stores
You can buy her cards or chocolates
From the grocer next door
But the best way to thank her
Is to shower her with love
The greatest gift of all.

Thanksgiving Prayer for Mothers
Thanksgiving Poems and Mother Poems by Injete Chesoni
Thank you God for my mother's face
So full of beauty, love and grace.
Thank you God for my mother's smile
So full of kindness and motherly pride.
Thank you God for my mother's mind
That is so inspiring and wise.
Thank you God for my mother's arms
That always encircle me with love.
Thank you God for my mother's heart
That has loved me right from the very start.
Thank-you God for my mother's breast
Upon which I lay my worries to rest.
Thank you God for my mother's womb
The most comforting home I have known.
Thank-you God for my mother's thighs
The lap upon which I have cried so many times
Thank-you God for my mother's feet
That rush to save me from dangers I meet
But most of all thank-you God
For giving me the most wonderful Mother of All.

Balancing Act: Working Mothers
A Poem for Working Mothers by Injete Chesoni
How does she do it
Live in so many worlds
How does she do it
Play so many roles
Like a well trained performer
Showing off her art
She brilliantly performs
This balancing act.

From a collection of Mothers Poems, Mother Daughter Poems, Mothers Day Poems and Poetry by Injete Chesoni.



  2. hi, how have you been, its evident you really love your mommy, you have some serious art work on this page, hope you make it big!

  3. Hi Collins! Good to hear from you. I hope you are well. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment. Yes I adore my mummy she is a sweetheart. When I make it big I owe you a treat.

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