Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On The Eve of Change: A Marriage Poem By Injete Chesoni

Bride Illustration: Female Figure Art by Injete Chesoni

On The Eve of Change
(A Marriage Poem and Life Change Poem by Injete Chesoni)
I sit here knowing, I am a step away
from changing my life forever.
I ask myself am I ready,
to leave all that I have known behind,
and forge into the future.
I ask am I ready,
to throw all caution to the wind,
and entwine my life so closely with that of another.
I begin to hesitate
and on the eve of change,
I want to hold time still for a moment.
I cannot go back,
but I am so afraid to go forward.
Yet, I know that time will not wait for me.
And on the eve of change I realize
I must move forward with time,
or time will leave me behind.

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