Monday, August 17, 2009

A Story Poem: Carlista the Goddess of Passion and Heat

Female Nude Art Painting and Figure Art by Injete Chesoni: Carlista

Carlista the Goddess of Passion and Heat
(A Story Poem by Injete Chesoni)

Carlista the Goddess
of passion and heat
Has a searing gaze
and dancing feet.
With the beat of the drums
Her hips start to sway
Carlista is her name and
She has this way
Of drawing men to her
Like moths to a flame
She’s hot like fire and
Carlista is her name
She dances to the beat
and generates heat
With every single step
Of her feet
She has this way
Did I say sway
That renders men powerless
Like a hunter’s prey
Carlista burns men up with fire
and consumes them with desire
With her red hot lips
and seductive hips
She leaves men in a quagmire

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