Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life Poems, Immigration Stories, Books and Poems: Immigrant Dreams

A life poem that I wrote, titled Immigrant Dreams has been published by Eye On Life web magazine. "Immigrant dreams," deals with the reasons that people migrate and the problems immigrants face in their new host countries. Majority of immigrants migrate in the hopes of improving their economic status and providing their children and themselves with a better future. Other immigrants are driven from their home countries by war or numerous other reasons. While my own migrant experience was pleasant, as part of the modern African Diaspora I observed common immigration problems, such as highly educated people been forced to work menial jobs due to their immigrant status. I also was confronted by the alienation that some immigrants deal with. However, not all immigrant stories are sad and there are many for whom the immigrant dream has been fulfilled. You can read inspiring immigration stories online here and find immigration books here. For those who have not yet achieved their dreams and who are struggling in foreign lands it is my hope that they will one day achieve what they have sacrificed so much for, whether it be in their homelands or on foreign shores. I am back home in Kenya now and loving it, and what I have found is that problems and opportunities abound in every land, they just wear different faces. Life is what you make it. If you are struggling with immigration problems and need some help then read this article on immigration problems and immigration help. Please go to Eye On Life Magazine to read the Immigrant Dreams poem online. There are lots of other interesting articles and features on their website. If you are a poet you can also submit poems at Eye on Life magazine. Those of you who are missing home and want reminders can find a variety of products with the name, flag or map of your home country at Just type in the name of your country in the search box and select a product category.
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Article on Immigration and Immigrant Dreams Poem published at Eye on Life magazine. From Immigration Poems, Life Poems and African Poems by Injete Chesoni.

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