Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sunset Dreams: Inspirational Poems for Women and African Metal Art Paintings

Sunset Dreams: African Art Metal Painting
Size: (8.1 x 11.75")
Price: $150 (Free Shipping)

On the Brink of Womanhood
(Inspirational Life Poems for Women by Injete Chesoni)

She stands on the brink of womanhood
Staring into the sunset horizon
Pondering her future
Proudly staring it down
Convinced that she will make it
Although she has no clue how
She squares her shoulders
And resolutely raises her head
She holds her neck proudly
Staring defiantly ahead
She places her hands on her hips
And thrusts out her budding chest
Convinced that if she looks and acts tough
She will make it
Through the difficult days ahead
As the sun sets on the horizon
Her youthful days slowly go down
Buried along with the sinking sun
Tomorrow a new day will be born
And her life as a woman will start
In the gentle glow of dawn.

The inspirational poem above, "Sunset Dreams" was inspired by an African Art Metal Painting of a young woman that I completed in August. This life poem is part of my Women's Poetry Collection and deals with change and the difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood. This poem also symbolically represents my beloved continent of Africa, its growing pains and my hope that it will one day fulfill its promise. - From Women's Poetry, African Poetry, Inspirational Poems, Change Poems and Life Poems by Injete Chesoni.

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