Monday, January 4, 2010

Short Sad Love Poems: Love's Memories

(Short Sad Love Poems by Injete Chesoni)

If I had known that one day you would be gone,

I would have savored every moment spent in your arms.

I would have treasured every second of time spent with you,

To remind me that once upon a time our love was true.

I would have frozen every moment when your eyes met mine,

I would have captured every caress, in the hourglass of time.

I would have stocked up on memories for that future day,

When you would be gone to shores far away.

But while we were together I was deceived,

That love was forever and not a passing breeze.

("If I Had Known": From Short Sad Love Poems, Time Poems and Memory Poems by Injete Chesoni. )


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