Wednesday, July 28, 2010

College Days and The African Thinker

This weekend I was invited to a farewell party for a lovely young lady who is flying off miles away for college. Having recalled my own college days (a looong time ago) in a foreign country I wanted to make a gift for her that would be unique and at the same time remind her of home. I was going for something intellectual but at the same time cool (since this is a teenager). I must confess it was somewhat of  a challenge for me and having had a number of sleepless nights I ended up dozing off at my computer, when I woke up the image of Auguste Rodin's, Thinker came to my mind and I was like that's it! I will do a metal art card version of "The Thinker," with a graduation poem inside and a "cool" quote on the front. I also decided to use an earthy palette. I am glad to say she liked the art card! Quite an accomplishment pleasing a teen. I hope the words will carry her through her college years and I wish her much success and happiness as she embarks on this exciting new journey. All the best Wendy!

 Wendy's Thinker: Quote reads, "Question Everything."

Sienna Thinker: To Buy Artwork E-mail ($25)
Description: 4 by 4 inches, Embossed Metal Miniature Painting

Blue Poet Thinker: To Buy Artwork E-mail ($25)
Description: 4 by 4 inches, Metal Miniature Art

At the same time that I was thinking of an art gift for Wendy I was mulling over what to make for a new friend who was nice enough to share with me some of his wisdom a few weeks ago. He was described to me as an, "artistic genius who is ahead of his time," and lest I embarrass him I will stop there. Anyway having met him and in line with the genius description I thought I would create a metal art, Africanized version of "The Thinker," for him. Since I was also told he used to have dreadlocks I titled the piece, "African Thinker/Maina with Dreadlocks." I am at the sketch stage, I still have to transfer it to metal and then decide on a paint color. Finally completed Maina's art card see below.

Beware Thinking Man: Miniature Metal African Painting

 African Thinker: Handmade Metal African Art Card

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