Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Handmade Metal Art Cards: Miniature Paintings

This blog post features my first collection of miniature art paintings on metal. All the art pieces featured here have been sold or presented as gifts. However, limited editions are available on request. To order send an email to minjete@gmail.com. These versatile handmade metal art cards feature colorful paintings on embossed aluminum metal. They measure 4 by 4 inches and due to their card shape can be used in a variety of ways. They are an art collector’s delight and each metal art card is released in limited editions. You can buy art gifts and cards online featuring these designs at my Zazzle store and drink coasters at my Printfection store.

 Handmade Metal Art Cards: Mary's Flower Art Painting

Suggested Uses for Handmade Metal Art Cards:
1. Place on a desk or tabletop as decoration.
2. Frame and hung up as decorative wall art.
3. Frame and use as drink coasters.
4. Use them as dining table centerpieces and decoration.
5. Give them away as wedding gift favors.
6. Give them away as an art gift and greeting card. You can inscribe a message directly in the card using an ink-free/dried up ballpoint pen or write it on a piece of paper and glue it inside the card. 

 Miniature African Art Painting: Thinking African Man Art Card

Handmade Metal Art Cards: Green Juggler
Miniature Art Painting: Kandi's Metal Flower Art Card

 Miniature African Art Painting: African Girl in Green Art Card
Handmade Miniature Metal Art Cards: John's Praying Hands

Miniature African Art Painting: African Woman in Red Art Card

Handmade Metal Art Cards: Elvira's Butterfly
Miniature Metal Art Painting: Purple Flower Art Card

Miniature Abstract Metal Art Painting: Purple Juggler Metal Card

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