Thursday, February 3, 2011

Short Love Poems

This is a collection of some of my short love poems. They are suitable for Valentines Day messages, wedding poems and anniversary messages.

(Pink Leaf Loveheart Art by Injete Chesoni)

Simple Words
Short Love Poems by Injete
Sometimes the simplest
words are the best
To convey emotions heartfelt
So on this special day
I will use simple words to say
I love you now and every day

Pleasant Surprise
Short Valentines Poems by Injete
You are a pleasant surprise
An unexpected gift of smiles
A pleasure box of untold delights
I pray that you will be mine
Today, tomorrow and for all time

Keeper of My Heart
Wedding Anniversary Poem by Injete
Today we celebrate the joining of our hearts
We were meant for each other right from the start
We were destined to be together and never to part
You are my friend, my lover and the keeper of my heart

Be My Valentine (Heart Valentine)
Valentines Verses by Injete
Will you join your heart with mine
And on this day be my Valentine
Be My Valentine Love Poem Flower Art_Greeting Card card

Be My Valentine (Forever Valentine)
Valentines Verses by Injete
Will you be my Valentine
Today, tomorrow and for all time

Love’s Commitment by Injete
Wedding Invitation Verses and Poems
I can say I love you in so many ways
But none is clearer than committing my days
To the one who is dearest and closest to my heart
On this day I promise you that we will never part

 My Celestial Love (Eternal Valentine)
Valentines Poems by Injete
Sweet lover, heart-warmer
Soul partner divine
You are my eternal Valentine
Sent from the heavens
Way up above
You light up my life
My celestial love

 Love’s Flower
Short Love Poem by Injete
It started with a budding friendship
Between two lonely souls
A cautious relationship
of two former foes
The blossoming of love’s flower
covered in delicate thorns.
We nurtured and tended it
and it soon grew
Into a blossom
of love
sweet and true.
My precious flower
I am so blessed
that I found you.


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