Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hakuna Matata: Double Meaning Quotes T-Shirts

I am an avid fan of quotes, blame it on my late father who was quite the collector of quote books. So for a while now I have been playing around with the idea of a quote website (I know it's overdone, hopefully I can do it differently). Quotes are a common thread in most of my online writing and I have also created a few art products featuring them. I am now moving onto a different line of quote products and will be opening a new Zazzle store debuting them. However, in the meantime here is a sample of one of my famous quotes t-shirts. It was inspired by my good friends Musonda and Andrew and a cool website they showed me called My t-shirt features the African quote, "Hakuna Matata," which was made famous by "The Lion King," movie. Hakuna Matata, is a Swahili phrase which means "There are No problems or No Worries." My t-shirt has a double meaning which when read one way says, "Hakuna Matata meaning No Worries," and when read another way says ,"Kuna Matata meaning There are Problems." Enjoy it and look for more double-meaning quote products coming soon.
Hakuna Matata_Famous African Quotes T Shirts Kenya
Hakuna Matata_Famous African Quotes T Shirts Kenya by Injete
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