Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wicked Thoughts

I wrote this poem a while back and did not post it since it falls into the category of one of my risque poems. I hope this seductive love poem inspires in the reader "Wicked Thoughts," of their own. I have chosen to post one of my favorite art pieces along with this poem. It is one of the first art pieces I did and unlike most of my current work which is on metal this nude art piece is oil pastel on paper.

 Nude Redhead: Female Nude Art by Injete Chesoni 
Description: Oil Pastel on Paper (11.6" x 15.6" with border) 
To Buy Artwork: E-mail

(A Seductive Lovers Poem by Injete Chesoni)
If only you knew
The wicked thoughts
That I am having of you
Of limbs entangled
Yours and mine
Of lips locked in kisses
And bodies entwined
Of twisted sheets
Covered in sweat
Of moments so sweet
Unblemished by regrets
Of hours shared
In passion’s embrace
Of precious moments
Staring at your face
As you lie in my arms
Upon my chest
Satisfied after hours
in passion’s embrace
Then you loudly call my name
And I gently blush in shame
I smile secretly to myself
As I think of fantasies
Yet un-met
For now they are just my sweet escape
My getaway from a dreary day
“A penny for your thoughts,” you say
And I smile to myself
Perhaps another day.


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