Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Music Art Gifts

Last year my brother-in-law Ed, commissioned me to do a music art gift for his musician friend Steve Coleman. I modeled the art piece on some of my previous music art work including Sax Player and Guitar Player. I added a few personal touches based on what my brother-in-law told me about Steve such as the backward baseball cap and engraved astrological symbols on the border of the art piece. Here is a photograph of Steve's art gift and other pieces from my music art collection. All of the original art pieces are acrylic paintings on metal and have been sold however, they are available online as art prints and products at my FineArtAmerica gallery.

Sax Music Art: Sax Player II
Embossed Acrylic Metal Painting by Injete

Sax Music Art: Sax Player I
Handmade Metal Art Card by Injete Chesoni

Musical Art: Sax Player III
Metal Art Painting by Injete Chesoni

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