Friday, September 4, 2009

African Art Masks, African Poetry and Metal Art for Sale: Mother Africa

The art piece used for this poem is part of my Metal African Art Masks collection and the poem is part of my African Poetry series. The inspiration for this poem was drawn from an African painting of a female figure mask. When I did this embossed metal painting I had no idea what it would turn out to be I just knew that I wanted it to have the appearance of an African mask and a female figure. The markings and details were added later as the art piece took shape. Once the art piece was complete it looked to me like a woman with her shoulders weighed down hence the title and subject of this African poem, that I named, "Mother Africa: The Weight of the World on Her Shoulders."

Metal African Painting: Mother Africa, African Art Mask (SOLD)
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Mother Africa:
The Weight of the World On Her Shoulders

An African Poem by Injete Chesoni

The world is on her shoulders,
The burden weighs her down,
She has borne many children,
Scattered around this world.
Her sweat has watered this earth,
Many times over,
And it continues to drip,
even as her children cry in hunger.
The fruits of her labor,
Seep through the ground,
Bleeding out from her,
To feed a hungry world.
She is a beast of burden,
Born to serve this earth,
Her life was written
for her,
before she was ever birthed.
Her teardrops
feed and nurture,
The parched earth beneath her feet,
She cannot stop crying,
for her tears ensure she lives.

Mother Africa: African Poems from African Poetry Series by Injete Chesoni
Ekphrastic Poetry and Mother Poems by Injete Chesoni

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