Saturday, September 5, 2009

Memorial Poems and Gifts: Remembering Dad

I originally wrote this memorial poem in August of this year. It was inspired by an abstract metal painting that I did in June. The original poem written in August was not intended as a memorial or death poem. Then today as I got ready to post the original poem and metal art work I realized that it was September 5th, the anniversary of my father's death. Call it coincidence if you wish, but I do not believe in coincidences. I decided to edit the original poem and write a memorial death poem for my father. My intention in writing this memorial poem was to remember my father and at the same time bring comfort to others who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I hope this memorial death poem brings comfort to those of you who have lost loved ones. You can read more memorial death poems here and inspirational death quotes here. This memorial poem, “My Fathers Mask: Death the Journey Home,” is dedicated to my dear father, the late Chief Justice Z.R. Chesoni, who passed away on September 5th, 1999. He was a special man and the best father that a child could hope for. He did not have a mask in his study but he had lots and lots of books. He loved to read and he loved to learn and he passed this love for the written word on to all of us. He always said knowledge was the one thing that nobody could take away from you. One of his favorite poets and authors was Shakespeare, whom he quoted often. My father’s favorite poems included "Don’t Quit" and "Rudyard Kipling’s, If" two inspirational poems that always motivate and comfort me. Rest in Peace, Papa. I know that you are always smiling down on us and watching over us.

My Father’s Mask: Death the Journey Home
A Death Memorial Poem by Maureen Injete Chesoni
Dedicated to My Father, the late Chief Justice Z.R. Chesoni

Abstract Metal Art Painting by Injete Chesoni: My Fathers Mask, African Art Mask Collection

My father has a mask
That hangs up in his study,
It is bronze and earthy,
With scary eyes.
It has a surprised mouth,
that holds the key
to some deep and dark mystery.

One day long ago
I asked him,
What deep dark secrets he hid,
In that strange mask
That hung up in his study.

Is it the key to your secrets
that you never told mother and I?
Or is it the key to your heart
where your love for us lies?
No, he told me with a serious
far away look in his eyes,
It is the key to my homeland,
that I left a long time ago,
It reminds me of where I came from,
And where I shall go.

I regarded him quizzically,
For it was unusual for him
to be so full of mystery.
Father of what are you talking?
And he snapped out of his reverie.
Never mind my dear,
he said placatingly.
I will tell you when you are old
enough to understand,
the stories about my homeland,
and its deep mystery.

When you go there will you take us with you I pled,
He looked at me gravely and shook his head,
Each one must make their own journey my dear,
But there will always be a home there for you so never fear.

Now my father has gone to his home,
He is no longer with us
But I know that I am not alone.
I look up at the mask that hangs in his study,
And I know that he is watching over me.
I remember those words that he said a long time ago
And they bring me comfort and ease my sorrow.
There will always be a home for you my dear
So let your heart rest easy and never ever fear.

Memorial Gifts to Remember Your Loved One
In the course of writing this post I came across a number of ideas for memorial gifts. I am sharing them here since some of you may find them helpful. As part of my own collection of keepsakes in memory of my dad I intend to create a line of father's memorial gifts and write a book of poems dedicated to him. I will also create a framed poetry poster of "My Father's Mask," for my mother and give her the art piece as a gift. Those of you who are creative and would like to publish your own memorial poetry books can do so at If you are not a writer or poet you can still create a memory photo book of your loved one at Lulu. Publishing is free however, you will have to pay to purchase copies of the book. If you have written a memorial poem and would like to create a poetry poster or print of it, you can do so for free at Zazzle (make sure you store it as a private product if you do not want to sell it).

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