Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Poem: Human Race Embrace

President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today. I will leave it to others to debate whether or not Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. For me today’s Nobel announcement represented hope and in my Twitter comment I called it a "Nobel Prize of Hope." It represents hope on two levels. A sincere hope that President Barack Obama and other world leaders will pursue the peaceful resolution of conflicts rather than opting for war and a symbolism of what Barack Obama stands for Hope and Change. Barack Obama’s father is a native of my home country, Kenya, the home of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai who inspired me to write a poem on environmentalism. The poem in this blog post is inspired by the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize and the art piece which I created prior to writing the poem. This peace poem, “Human Race Embrace” is about moving beyond divisiveness and racism and embracing each other as part of one human family. While it is a tremendous burden to put on one man’s shoulders may President Barack Obama live up to his name “Barack” which comes from “Baraka” the Swahili word for blessing and may he help bring about the blessing of peace in nations around the world. You can read more about Nobel Peace Prize winners and my take on Obama winning here.

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Human Race Embrace
(A Peace Poem by Injete Chesoni)

Two heads are better than one
So the saying goes
United we stand, divided we fall
We have been taught this lesson
Many times over
Embrace me my brother
So that we can stand tall
Let us join together
For as one we can conquer all

Let us join together in love
So that we may soar above
All of the challenges
that this human life brings
Together we can find
Heavenly wings
With which to fly
Beyond the confines
Of limited earth-bound thinking

Let us join together in
One human race embrace
Let us move beyond the color
Of our brother’s face
The limits and confines of race
As a measure of who we choose to embrace
For at the root of it we are all one
A multi-colored family of man
And together “Yes We Can,”
Improve this world for all of its earthly sons
So let us join our hearts and our minds
In one peaceful unified
Brotherly Embrace
for the benefit of all mankind.

This is a peace poem in honor of the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize and the 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate President Barack Obama who ran on a message of hope and change and who represents a part of the multi-colored human family having descended from a black African Kenyan father and a white American mother. May we one day learn to see beyond the divisivness of race and nationality. "Yes we Can"

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