Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Halloween Poem and Vintage Halloween Art Postcards

Spare A Thought for Troubled Ghosts on Halloween
(A Halloween Ghost Poem by Injete Chesoni)

On every Halloween
They come out in their ghostly sheen
Eerily dressed in silver white glows
Their faces masked in pale sorrow

They mourn and sway
And shriek the night away
Wailing because they cannot enjoy
the glories of day anymore
For they are ghostly souls
Doomed to glow
Only in the night

No longer for them
The pleasures of daylight
Their lot is cast
They are now creatures of fright
That pry this earth
In the darkness of night
Scaring all humankind.

And on Halloween
We mock their plight
As we dress up
And frolic in earthly delight
I am a ghost we say
With mock display
Dressed up in costumes
as we bob and sway
Ne’er sparing a thought
For the troubled souls
Who are trapped on this earth
As ghosts and ghouls

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