Monday, November 21, 2011

Poetry Contest and Abstract Sunflower Painting

One of the websites I write for is running a prose and poetry contest this month (November). I submitted an entry titled, Sunshine Filled Yellow Rays an inspirational poem about depression. The poem is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who has been battling clinical depression for years, you can read the inspirational poem at Hubpages. Those of you who are artistically inclined may want to enter the contest the deadline is November 22nd, 12:00pm (PT). If you miss the contest it is still worth joining you can earn money from articles you publish on any topic and it is a good way to generate income from your creative work. I created an abstract art painting to accompany my poetry contest entry. For the art piece I chose the subject matter of a sunflower for two reasons, I love the brilliant yellow color of sunflowers especially when contrasted against a blue sky and for me the sunflower represents happiness. Here is my abstract sunflower painting.

 Sunflower Painting: Abstract Art by Injete Chesoni
Acrylic Painting on Paper

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